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Hey Lu's Mission - About Us
To create a fast, on-the-go Voice search and audition platform that pushes work directly to the artists, and give the clients a realistic idea of what a certain voice will sound like for their product.We are not agents, don’t get involved in the booking process and don’t book voices ourselves. We also have no say in who gets booked or where.This got birthed out of the frustration and time-consuming nature of using an online voice bank-like service. We wanted to eliminate that and create a platform where voice artists get a brief sent to them and they can do an audition on the go where ever they are. The clients get to hear a portion of their script and the Voice artists markets themselves every time they respond to a brief.
Look at it this way, you pay in excess of R 2000 to have a few clips recorded and listed on a Voice-bank like service per year., Ask yourself:
  • Has anyone clicked on my profile?
  • When searching “Eng Announcer” did the client scroll down to voice number 150 to hear mine?
  • Who are all these other voices with less than 1-year experience that comes up first in the search?
  • Did I load all my character clips on my profile?
  • I’m 39 and the client selected they needed a voice between 40 and 50, surely I sound 40 but now they won’t hear me?
With Hey Lu, if you respond to a brief, you will get heard, even if you don’t get booked, and thus marketing yourself.
We are a Voice Search Tool. We do it a little different and clients like it,  but our purpose as per above is pretty clear.
  • We don’t book voices
  • We don’t recommend voices
  • We don’t host clips
  • We are not an agent
  • We are not clients and don’t “create” work
  • When no briefs gets sent out, is just indicative of the industry being quiet.
“We are a fast, on the go Voice search and audition platform that pushes work directly to the artists, and give the clients a realistic idea of what a certain voice will sound like for their product.”
Fees And FAQ's

Our service is free to Voice Users (Clients). For Voice Artists we charge a very affordable fee of R600 Per Year.


Why is your website so plain?

We rather spent the money where its needed, and attempt to deliver a costs effective platform. Our website is purely for signing up purposes and really no need to visit it after you have signed up. The rest of the service is mobile.

We don’t host clips or artists profiles on our site, as thats not our core purpose and therefore no need to build that functionality into our site.
Voice Artists who have signed up here and at another voice bank like service, Why Hey Lu?

Hey Lu pushes work to you, maybe worthwhile asking yourself if you got bookings through the voicebank like service, do they know? Do they know if anyone clicked on their profile on voice bank?


We used to do a substantial amount of Voicework with Produce.  Since the advent of Hey Lu, we have had 1 voice which was booked at Produce .
You have to see this as purely indicative of our industry and the shortage of work out there. Hey Lu has absolutely no say in who gets booked or where. We are not agents, we are purely a search tool.


I have had a lot of requests to join my agency by people who are calling themselves Voice Artists because they are on Hey Lu.  When I hear their clips I am horrified. Wow!  Lately I sound so negative in my mails but I have grave concerns about the status of the industry these days.
As an experiment,  search for a voice on a voice-bank like service, then see how many unknown, often bad, voices pop up? Im sure that there will be a whole bunch…
Our platform is the exact opposite. even if there are “sub standard” voices that managed to sign up to Hey Lu, they wont get booked because the client listens to the clips that gets sent through. So if the artists is terrible, they wont get booked.
But on the flip side, you might find a brilliant new voice that has a natural talent. They could respond to a brief and get booked because they are good. Where, if they where on voicebank, they would not because as a general rule of thumb, clients dont even look at voices with less than 5 years experience, because its a gamble to book them and waste money. Keep in mind, we all where the “new guys” once.
This is again why clients love our platform, because they don’t have those” Oh dear, the clip we listened was from 5 years ago because the artists did not want to pay to re record them, and now this giu sounds completely diffrent and wrong”  or “Thats voice clip we listened to what obviously take 105 with about 60 edits, because the guy cant even speak properly” or “this guy said he was afrikaan, but he can barely speak it.”  
Hey Lu eliminates all of that.
Some of our artists concerns is the extremely broad briefs going out, EG: MVO, all races, 20 – 45 (I am not sure if this is still happening as we do not receive the briefs). They feel as though this is a waste of their time, they would rather the briefs be more specific and then stand a chance, even if it means getting fewer briefs.

This is for good reason. Simply put, you might be 35, but sound like you are 45. Also, clients often don’t know, they say they want a 30 year old, but who knows, a 40 year old might just sound better.

We encourage artists to respond to every brief they get as we have had artists booked where the client wanted a black male and ended up with a white female, because the clip just sounded better.  You have to realize that its marketing 101, respond to the briefs, get heard and get your name and voice out there.
Times are tough out there and I would rather get in on as much work as possible. Unfortunately the days of waiting for your phone to ring and be booked is over for many.


The way the platform is setup allows the artist the opportunity to do the jobs without their agent as the artist signs up and then they can decide whether they want to audition on their own or state who their agent is. I feel as though the briefs should be sent directly to the agents, this might curve the artist potentially wanting to do it on their own.

Our platform has a format that artists need to follow in their voice clip. This is clear in all the communication sent as well as on our website. It included their name and agents name and contact details.

The core of the platform is mobility and quick turn around, and sending it to the agent to be relayed to the artists actually just makes the whole process longer.
Artists will do work without their agents if they feel so, some do and some don’t, Hey Lu is again a search tool, and do not book voices. The client get the clips with the voice and agent details and they book the voice as they usually do. We are unfortunately not in control of what some voice artists see fit to do. If they want to by pass their agents, they’ll do so with or without Hey Lu.


I think we might have had some bookings though HeyLu but not have even known about it, so if the producer who used HeyLu or if HeyLu can let us know directly if the artist was booked off of their audition that would help as well.

Our platform can give this information, but only if we get it. A simple scenario:

– Ogilvy sends Hey Lu a brief
– Hey Lu pushes it to artists
– Hey Lu sends all the clips back to Ogilvy ( this is the last step Hey Lu is involved in.)
– Ogilvy listenes to the clips
– Ogilvy bookes the voices
Unless Ogilvy tells us who they booked, we wont know. Again do you know if a voice got booked through your own online voice bank, or Voice bank, or word of mouth?
This being said, we try to followup on the job when we have time, but its defendant on the clients to tell us. Keep in mind, one job might have 15 voices artists on sources from Hey Lu, Word of mouth, past relationships and calls to agents. So even the producer working on the job wont know who was from where all the time.


Side note I know a few of our guys are not impressed with having paid the annual subscription and not getting anything through the portal, perhaps the first year should have been free while HeyLu gains traction with agencies and producers because they are not going to renew after a year.

Do the guys know how much work they got through a voice bank like service?

We are constantly working at getting more clients signed up. You have to consider that sometimes the industry is just quiet. And also,  some of these guys might have gotten work through Hey Lu, even if it was indirectly because they got heard via our platform on another brief they responded to.

Need more info or have a question?  Get in touch – lu@heylu.co

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