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Professional Voice Casting Service – Simple, Quick, On The Go!

 A typical voice search process starts with a client that has a great radio script, TV commercial, or digital campaign that needs a great voice actor to complete the project.

The client will have to call some agents, get the team to search online voice banks and ask audio engineers to help find the perfect voice.

This is extremely time consuming, and more often that not, the perfect voice is missed due to time constraints, or because the online voice search banks have confusing search criteria,

not to mentioned the completely outdated voice clips often found. There might be a new voice out there,

or an established one that can perform in the required way, but you never knew they could!

What is the solution?

A service that’s quick and simple for both the client and voice actor

A service that ensures the client hears an up to date voice clip of the actor

A service that actively pushes work to the voice actor and benefits both the client and the voice actor

What does this cost?

Voice artists pay only R50 per month (Billed as a once off annual fee of R600)

With no need to pay to upload voice clips, record demos, etc, etc, etc

NO HIDDEN COSTS! (Free for Voice Users)


Need more info or have a question?  Get in touch – lu@heylu.co

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